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2020.09.23 20:44 JeSuisJosito LA MÁS DRAGA – AN ENGLISH GLAM-UP

Aló Pececitas! Next up, you’ll find out a very detailed review of La Más Draga’s 3x01, Hope you enjoy and if you want me to explain any special thing or regionalism you might not understand because you either don’t speak spanish or you do speak it but well, mexican slang…Enjoy!
00:00 – 3:10 – We see glimps at auditions for the season, from Queens who weren’t and were selected, towards the end we get a look at the Final Live Audition, where the public knowledge Queens are chosen to be a part of the season.
3:26 – 8:06 – Public knowledge Queens unveal themselves, they all chit-chat, talk and shade each other
8:07 – 13:43 – Secret Queens are revealed to the rest of the Cast. These Queens did not need to pass any Live audition, they were either asked to film an audition tape and were selected or their tape was enough for the producers to choose them.

Queens enter the workroom, sponsored by NYX Cosmetics. They are welcomed by Johnny Carmona, workroom consultant and judge, who welcomes and thanks them for bringing their art to the show. Johnny explains that they were supposed to be a 14th queen, who, was dropped because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about being on (this queen might or might not be s2’s first eliminee), tells them to keep the energy.
Johnny explains the first challenge, which is to present a Runway Look inspired by a very popular mexican board game: La Loteria (you might know Bingo!; which has the same mecanisms of game). Johnny gives them a History lesson about the game. The winner of this week will be deemed as “La Más Suertuda” (The Luckiest, LMD tends to use “La Más + theme” to refer to the winner of each weekly challenge, which means the one who was The Most amazing at it). A one-minute talent show is also requested to be performed after their runway presentation.
Carmona later welcomes Internet sensation duo Pepe & Teo, who will also play as workroom consultant and stres relief for the Queens the whole season. Pepe and Teo play with the Queens a little game of General Knowledge, ask each a question and the one who can answer better will win the right to select their station in the workroom. Al lof them suck and should go back to middle school; later, Memo earns this right and plays the game by aligning the Queens by his perferences.
Pepe and Teo then welcome one more guest, which is Gaby Lu, representative for FOREO Sweden, which is a skin care Brand that will help the Queens with free products for them. Queens shade Mista for her age and she is selected to be the try girl for the producto right there. Gaby Lu announces that the winner of the whole season will be awarded with 50.000 pesos in FOREO products and becoming an ambassador for the Brand for a year.
39:50 – 43:40 – Season 3’s host, our resident RuPaul; Miss Karla Díaz (Singer and host known for being in the girl group JNS) comes out in the mainstage, presents the prizes (150,000 pesos in cash, 50,000 pesos in NYX Cosmetics, 50,000 pesos in FOREO + ambassador, and a 2-people flight to New York) and judges: Johnny Carmona, Yari Mejía (make-up sensation, AFAB Drag Queen and Instagram influencer), Letal (make-up artist, drag queen and icon). Guest judge this episode is Miss Regina Orozco (Gay icon in México, Singer and TV personality). Karla also introduces the Drag Altar, which is the place where each week, the picture of the eliminee will be hung.

Rudy Reyes: Rudy comes out as The Rooster, headpiece and wings included, all feathered. Her talent show is a lipsync mash-up of famous latino songs.
Madison Basrey: Madison also chose The Rooster as her Loteria card; she comes out in a prostetic mask with a much simpler outfit than Rudy, with the addition of heles that give the appareance of chicken feet. Her talent show is a comedy skit centered around being an actual rooster.
Huntyy B: Comes out in a dress with every Lotería card printed oni t with yellow and blue details. Her talent show is a Burlesque act.
Luna Lansman: Luna comes out first with The Shrimp on her head and a silky blue robe, which she reveals into a giant The Fish gown, which she floats around for a while before taking off the top part to reveal a topless illusion and a mermaid tail in The Mermaid, she then strips to a full nude illusion. Her talent show is a Lipsynced Magic Show.
Yayoi Bowery: Yayoi comes out as The World in an all baby-blue look and a 37 in one of her piggytails, 37 is the number for The World in a Loteria deck. Her talent show is singing.
Regina Bronx: She comes out as The Mermaid, in a two piece gown which mimics scales all way around, with feathers on the bottom part. Her talent show is an arabic-inspired dance.
Raga Diamante: Raga presents The Pot, coming out hidden inside of it, with flowers on top included. She then reveals a green and red bodysuit. Her talent show is singing.
Aviesc Who?: Aviesc comes out as The Spider, with an asisstant as her web. Blue hair, and glasses that mimic the spider’s eight eyes. Her talent show is something about black paint and a canvas, posing slowly to the camera; she trips at the end while trying to finish her act.
Mista Boo: Mista chooses The Devil, coming out with black horns and a caped long dress, with a trident as a belt accesory. Her talent show is a frightning spoken word act.
Iviza Lioza: Iviza comes out as The Sun. She has an all-red gown with spikes on her back, which then she reveals are supposed to be the sun rays, but it malfunctions, the effect not working as it should. Her talent show is a Tarot Reading act with pictures of the judges as Lotería cards.
Memo Reyri: Memo comes out as The Devil, in a full-bodysuit in red with Golden, black and red embelishments in the corset, with fringe in the pants area, black and red wings and a geometrical mask. His talent show is singing with fire handling.
Stupidrag: Chooses The Devil as well, with a black and gold cape with yellow in the inside, a red bodysuit with black leather sleeves and black splashes in the torso and horns. Her talent show is a lipsync number with fire handling, but the fire burns out quickly.
Wynter: Comes out as The Sun in a yellow gown with red detailings and a wide red spot in her back with Golden rays and a big afro wig. Her talent show is a Frozen (not the Disney franchise, just coldness) theme lipsync.

Queens are mostly scolded harshly by the judges for not meeting the expectations of a premiere for a third season, every judge is disappointed by the queens’ performance, either because of their lack of performative uniqueness or simple outfits. Letal asks which Queens did prepare themselves in different areas of performing; Aviesc, Luna, Madison, Raga, Rudy and Wynter say so, the rest didn’t.
Aviesc is criticized on being shy and too calmed and having used liquids which made her fall, her look was fantastic.
Huntyy is criticized for doing burlesque, which has been seen already,
Iviza was congratulated on letting go of her nerves, but Yari scoldes her for her reveal fail and lack of professsionalism because Iviza apparently blamed it on someone else who helped her make it.
Luna was told that less is more, but congratulated on her unique show by Yari, but Johnny wasn’t sure about her time frame and lack of actual magic tricks.
Madison was deemed basic for her look but was louded for her comittment in the comedy of her talent show, Regina Orozco hated her because she thought pretending to be a Rooster isn’t a talent.
Memo receives great critiques on his outfit and makeup, his song is also louded because of how deep it was, outside of the typical “Me, Me, Me” drag music.
Mista got glowing critiques about her talent show and how she was able to get out of the pretty side and the fact she only needed herself to connect with the judges. Look was louded as well.
Raga was criticized about not looking too-much as a pot, but was congratulated on her attitude overall.
Regina gets critiques on the lack of rehearsal for the talent show but is warned not to try to copy the looks of one Valen-other queen.
Rudy is congratulated on her outfit and energy, but the lack polishness on her talent show gets hard critiques.
Stupidrag is given the advice about how her fire burned out before, her look got great critiques on her look.
Wynter’s talent show gets meh critiques and is asked to take better care of her reveals, to keep the shock factor.
Yayoi gets the roughest critiques, her card is not seen at all in her conceptual-look, pretty and all.


Being completely honest, I don’t feel this like a third season¸from so many auditions, how did you guys ended up here? I want you to understand that performers go from 10 to 30 auditions just to land a part in something, you passed and are standing here. WHAT IS HAPPENING? What’s happening? You guys get your chance to walk the runway and nothing happens at all, imagine, you get two chances to walk the runway, not just one, the runway all in al lis “Okay, she kinda missed it here, but she’ll give me something later” but then NOTHING HAPPENS, okay, cute looks, good make-up, detailing and shit, but what happens with the people behind the wigs, make up and outfits? Those are not drag characters, those are you, real people, the artista who is standing there. Why would you all need to stay here and not go? Not one should go, many of you should. DO YOU GUYS WANNA BE JUST LIKE THE REST? You want to be standing in the best stages in the world, right? I RESPECT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE STAGES YOU’VE BEEN ON, but to be an artist and earn what you wanna earn, because I know the budget you put into all of this, you NEED DISCIPLINE AND HAVE THE BALLS to stand in any place you go. I want you to understand you’re standing here when there are Queens who ARE DYING TO GET A CHANCE not only on this show, but on anything, on any Project, and when they got it they don’t ruin it. THIS IS NOT ABOUT BEING THE BIG BITCH BUT ABOUT WHO IS THE BEST ARTIST. The one who asks themselves who they are and FIND IT. Right now you are already performers who are visible through this project, ITS UP TO YOU TO HAVE THE CHANCE TO BE THE ARTIST THAT COMES OUT OF THIS, I WANT YOU TO RESPECT THIS STAGE, MANY PEOPLE ARE WORKING THEIR ASSES OFF TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE, so, if I don’t feel like this is a worthy third season, what do I have to say to you?
Regina Orozco then asks the Queens why do they do Drag.
Wynter replies that she does it because she finds a lot of freedom and because she can do whatever she wants with it, as it is limitless, there’s no yes’s and no’s.
Aviesc says she’s a fashion designer, adds that clothing should not have gender (YES), clothing is a reflection of our soul, you créate art through your body from your sould. Drag is such an elevated art and you can have fun and showcase your soul at the same time.
Luna wants to entertain, the people is what keeps her going, to créate an outfit, to stand in a stage and keep them entertained, she might not be sexy or stunning, but if she can make people laugh, that’s her place.
Raga says she does drag because being on stage makes her happy, showing what she can do. Its her own world when she performers, and that happiness can spread to others when she is in front of people.
Rudy does drag as an spectacle, says there’s a lot of trouble going on around the world, and wants to be a distracction and a happy moment for everyone and it can fill up the soul with joy.



Iviza Lioza, Memo Reyri, Mista Boo, Yayoi Bowery, Stupidrag and Aviesc Who are deemed the best and worst of the week.
Iviza, Yayoi and Stupidrag are in the bottom, Iviza is spared while Yayoi and Stupidrag are announced to have to Lipsync to Stay.
Memo, Aviesc and Mista are the tops, at the end, Mista wins the challenge and is deemed La Más Suertuda.
Yayoi and Stupidrag are asked to prepare a Lip Sync performance of Tsunami, by judge Yari Mejía. Stupidrag gives energy and sex appeal, while Yayoi moves awkardly around the stage, and lying on the ground.
After the LipSync, Karla announces that guest judge Regina Orozco will decide who is the first eliminee, but before, they ask the whole cast to return to the stage and Karla explains that there has never been an elimination before in the first episode of both seasons. She says the safe Queens will decide whether there is an elimination or we have another double-save premiere.
Mista Boo is the only one who is unsure about her choice, as she feels that if someone did bad, they should go home, but after pretty much everyone says there shouldn’t be an elimination, Mista agrees with them, and everyone decides there was no elimination, although Mista still voices in confessionary that there should have been an elimination.
Stupidrag and Yayoi Bowery are both saved.


2:01 – Regina Bronx, in her audition calls her drag carácter a “Vaquerobvia”, which is a portmanteu in the words “vaquero” y “obvia”, “obvia” in spanish is used to describe (most of the times in a demeaning way) a gay guy who fits stereotipically into the mold of how a gay guy talks, dresses and acts. “Vaquero” is cowboy, which is a style of clothing and living (people who dedícate themselves to farm, catter, etc).
3:52 – Madison mentions “Quedarse fría”, which, in the words of Monique Heart means “Gooped”
4:30 – Mista Boo asks “Do I look like Un Kilo de Ayuda already?”, Un Kilo de Ayuda is a mexican program which helps secure mexican kids who need it all the food and supplies they need. To mention Un Kilo de Ayuda refers to the fact that Mista might look tired and skinny (A kinda bad taste joke, but, well, mexican humour)
8:53 – Mista refers to Yayoi as “Alexis 2XL”, Alexis 3XL is Season 2’s Winner and Yayoi’s style has been compared a lot to Alexis’ in the past. The 2XL part can be either for the Part 2 joke or because Yayoi might or might not be skinnier than Alexis.
10:33 – Stupidrag makes reference to “El Libro Vaquero” (The Cowboy Book), which is a very popular small comic book here in Mexico that tells small and VERY VERY dramatic stories, which tend to be a mix of western drama, erotism and some weird ideas. Very popular among older people.
43:14 – Karla mentions a “Drag Altar”, which comes from the Day of the Dead Altar, which if you don’t know much about mexican culture when it comes to Día de Muertos, an Altar is a small crafty construction created to honor the dead relatives of a family, you put the pictures of the deceased, together with a mix of flowers (Flor de Cempasúchil is the worldwide known flower for the dead), decorative paper and food that the people you put he Altar for loved in life, with the belief that on November 2nd, the dead can cross from the other side and visit the earth.


Madison: Hey, how are you? My name’s Ricky Balrey, from Gdl, Jalisco and I’m 25 years old. I consider myself a biological woman (in a jokingly tone). I consider myself a bio woman because when I transform everyone is shook. My drag is inspired by everything’s that pretty in life, I’m very smart and very beautiful, better beware.
Luna: Hey there, I’m Abraham Luna, I’m from CDMX, My drag character is Luna Lansman, inspired by unicorns, fantasy, fairytales and everything you believe to be pretty, sweet and pink, very dreamy,
Mista: Do I look like Un Kilo de Ayuda already? I’m Mista Alex, my drag name is Mista Boo, I’m from Monterrey, I’m 367 yeards old, my drag is very dark, witchy, very alternative, not like the other kind, I’m also very dark literally, I don’t like using glitter because I want that shine to be from the inside
Rudy: Hi! My name is Rodolfo, aka Rudy Reyes. “The Caribbean’s Pearl”, Ruby is from Monterrey, my nickname is because I love the mexican caribbean . Ruby is a dancer, very showgirl-y, lots of glitter, stages are my life. I love to dance, its everything I can ask for in life.
Huntyy: My name is Edgar de la O, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuaha. I bring HuntyyB to life. She’s a collectible, you can dress and undress her as many times as you wish. I have many sides to myself because I’m kinda crazy. Huntyy can be very vintage, elegant or maybe turn into a chinese doll with purple skin.
Aviesc: My name is Aviesc, and my drag name is Aviesc Who?, I’m a designer and I’m from Gdl, Jalisoc, I am 32 years old. Aviesc is an extension of my clothing line; I mix art with fashion; take inspiration from trends, art and movies and then craate something from that mix so Drag Queens can be trendy as well.
Wynter: I’m Huicho Lozano, I’m from Tamaulipas but I live in León, I bring Wynter to life. Wynter is this fantasy, something you can have but it will cost you a lot. Wynter leaves you frozen, entertained.
Iviza: My name is Franco, I’m 26 years old. My drag name is Iviza Lioza and I’m very inspired in powerful woman, I come from a family of very strong woman, I draw inspiration from any character of empowered women like witches, Queens.
Yayoi: I'm 32 years old, my drag name is Yayoi Bowery. I’m a mix of kawaii, club kid and pop culture. I’m a publicist so I love to play with all of this so people can reminiscent their childhood or old times.
Regina: Hello, I’m Luis Peña, I’m 29 years old. I come from a small town in Chihuahua but I currently live in Aguascalientes (STAN) which is where Regina was born. Regina is a queen from the north, vaquerobvia, loves to show her curves, take care of her makeup, and dance; to share something very special with the public. I’m not that experienced, I’ve been in this career for a year but I wanted to elevate my level and bring it to here.
Stupidrag: Hey, well, I’m Pepe Favila, I’m 29 yeards old. I’m a queen from Gómez Palacio, Durango. What makes me me? Fire. The Origina Fire created this creature who has curves, that came out from the Cowboy Book. Everything is sexy, all hips for her. When I saw the rest of the Queens most of them were like “Who this?”, but luckily some did recognize me.
Memo: Hey, I’m Memo Reyri, I’m 33 years old and I’m a Bio King from CdMx. My drag is very masculine man, what I try to do with my character is to play with whatever is known as masculine and mix it with pretty, grotesque and rough stuff, but always with a very delicate attitude. I want to make a difference between what is known as an Alpha male.
Raga: I’m 32 years old, I’m from Mérida, Yucatán and I bring Miss Raga alive. Raga Diamante is a pop girl, a superstar in the scene, a song and dance icon. She’s a person, not just a character, she loves to make people happy. I didn’t know most of these girls, did not recognize them at all.

HELLO PECECITAS. I hope I did help you out with having a better understanding of the show and please leave a comment if you have understood most, if you want me to elaborate on anything else please tell me as well.
Also, tell the producers to hire me, I'm nice. SEE YA!
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2020.02.27 05:20 FreyjaTheVVitch JNsis has disgusting views on other females. Even more extreme than JNmom.

If you’ve read my history on JNmom you know she can’t compliment another female to save her life. JNsis is WORSE than her. She’s the type to blame a rape victim for what they were wearing. No joke, any female that seems sensual and or dresses sexy (read as show a little skin) is a whore.
This came out of nowhere. I noticed it when all of a sudden she hated female artists she LOVED before. Yet when asked why she said just because. We grew up in the 2000s, now our female kid tv stars are adults and dress like adults. She absolutely despises them now.
Every time she see girls no matter what age dressed hot she calls them disgusting whores. When I pointed out they could be virgins she said that didn’t matter. I told her dressing confident doesn’t make anybody a whore, also that she clearly is ignoring the definition of that word. JNsis said they were whores to her.
Here’s a list to being a whore in her eyes
-Dress sexy/sensual (Anything with skin) -Be a stripper -Wear makeup -Strike 'sexy' poses -Wear tight clothes
She thinks confident females and FEMALE adult entertainers are disgusting. In her words "They are the scum of the earth. They deserve everything they get." In regards to them being hurt by others. She’s a fucking hypocrite. She buys crop tops and the tightest damn jeans ever, yet it doesn’t count. Plus she’s only 15.
Even JNmom thinks she’s insane on that aspect. I’m ranting because I’m going to México with my tía for the whole summer. Without my immediate family, thank fuck. I’m finally working out to loose weight and buying cute clothes (crop tops, shorts, bikinis,etc) also watching tutorials on how to apply makeup.
My JNmom told me to be careful and not dress to revealing as it’s México. I said yes I know but thanks for the concern. JNsis said she hopes I get kidnapped for dressing the way I will for summer. When I tell you I was seconds away from dragging this spiteful bitch. This isn’t the first time she’s said something like that.
It’s HOT in México, I’m not dressing in long baggy clothing. I usually dress like that on the reg cause of low self-esteem. Yet when I dress like that she criticizes me for dressing homeless. I usually ignore her gross opinions but this one gets my blood boiling. I was feeling confident and she had to open her damn mouth.
I wished she wasn’t my sister.
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2019.11.04 06:48 jacklychi Mexico Cultural Calendar - Festivals and Events

Of all the places I've been, Mexico is the country that seems to have the fullest and most diverse calendar of cultural events, festivals and ferias. From the major cities down to the smallest pueblo, it seems that there's always some celebration going on somewhere in some part of the country. What's more, these events can transform an otherwise nondescript second-tier or third-tier city into a rollicking Saturnalia where the normal rules and hangups don't apply.
I've made the following list of Mexico's cultural calendar for my own personal use, and I thought I'd share it with the forum. I've made some notes on the events I've been to, and I'd love to get some data from other members about the other ones listed, and maybe ones I didn't mention.
Guanajuato State Fair - Jan-Feb
Chiapa de Corzo - Fiesta de Enero - Jan 9-21
Carnaval - Like other Catholic countries, Mexico celebrates a version of Carnaval in the week leading up to Ash Wednesday (so the date fluctuates from year to year). While not on the same level as Brazil, the Carnaval in Veracruz is the most famous one. I've also heard good things about the Carnavals in Merida, Mazatlan and Cozumel.
March Catamaco - Witches' Conference - First Friday in March: Not really a game opportunity per se, but a big gathering of traditional healers, santeria priests, and who knows what else in a village in the state of Veracruz. I imagine it must be pretty wild
Merida - Festival de Trova Yucateca
Acapulco - Festival Frances - usually early March: A festival celebrating all things French over a long weekend in Acapulco. Haven't been, but I imagine it draws a lot of fresas from the DF
Cuernavaca - Feria de la Primavera - late March-early April
Chichen Itza - Spring Equinox - apparently some New Age celebration at the pyramid
Mexico City - Festival de México en el Centro Histórico - mid to late March
Semana Santa (either March or April) Semana Santa - the week leading up to Easter -- is the biggest vacation week in Mexico. Especially on Holy Thursday and Good Friday, more traditional areas of Mexico will hold processions and passion plays (via crucis in Spanish) and other events.
In Mexico City, the most famous passion play is in Iztapalapa -- which is normally considered a dangerous ghetto area that you shouldn't visit, but at least on this day it's safe due to the immense crowds. The passion play starts around noon and lasts until 4 pm, and is live performance of Jesus' crucifixion put on by residents of the neighborhood. Besides that, the whole neighborhood becomes a giant street fair and attracts many people (including young senoritas) for other than pious motives.
Zacatecas - One of the best traditional celebrations takes place in Zacatecas on the Friday before Easter, where a "Procesion de Silencio" is held. Zacatecas is one of Mexico's most beautiful cities with some of its most beautiful women, but it is quite small. Easter weeekend though it's packed with both locals and out-of-towners partying hard
Jerez - This is small village about an hour from Zacatecas, but it has what is possibly the most intense celebration on "Sabado de Gloria" (the Saturday before Easter) in all of Mexico. Basically all the young cowboys ride into town on horseback to get drunk and listen to banda music until the early morning hours. The central four blocks of the town are so packed that you'll only be able to move around with difficulty. I've never seen as many sexy cowgirls in my life as I did here. You will feel out of place though if you're not wearing at least a cowboy hat. The best move would be to stay there overnight, but you'll need to book a hotel at least a month in advance.
Since Semana Santa is the big vacation week in Mexico, I imagine that the beach towns are also packed with Mexican girls in party mode, but I haven't checked them out and not sure where the best places would be.
The one place you don't want to be during this week is in the DF. It basically turns into a ghost town.
San Cristobal de las Casas - Feria de la Primavera y la Paz - week following Easter Sunday
Aniversario de la Repoblacion de Tampico - April 12
Aguascalientes - Feria -- Aguascalientes has the biggest feria in Mexico running between late April and early May. A 10 block area of the town converts into a giant carnival with abundant food and drink, street concerts, bullfights, cockfights, you name it. Mexicans from all over come to the feria, but if you're a gringo, you'll most likely be the only one there.
La Paz - Fundacion de la ciudad - early May
Acapulco - Festivales de Acapulco
Feria de Morelia - three weeks in mid-May
Chalma - Pilgrimage to the Senor de Chalma. This is the second-largest pilgrimage in Mexico after the Virgin of Guadaloupe. It takes place on Pentecost Sunday in a village called Chalma, about two hours west of Mexico City. Not really a great game opportunity, but interesting culturally.
Saltillo - Aniversario de Saltillo - second week of July Oaxaca - Harvest festival known as Guelaguetza - first two Mondays after July 16 San Miguel de Allende - Chamber Music Festival - July 30 to August 15
Veracruz Festival Internactional Afrocaribeno - early August
Saltillo - Dia de San Cristo de la Capilla - week leading up to Aug 6
Monterrey - Festival Internacional de Cine - August
Huamantla - August 14/15 - Assumption of Mary
San Luis Potosi - Feria Nacional Potosina - last 3 weeks of August and Dia de San Luis Rey de Francia - Aug 25
Ensenada - Fiestas de la Vendimia - mid-to-late August
Zacatecas - Morisma de Bracho - last weekend in August: Apparently a reenactment of Reconquista battles between Spaniards and Moors held on the outskirts of town
Guadalajara - Fiesta Internacional del Mariachi y Charreria - late August-early September
Zacatecas - Feria de Zacatecas - early September
Tepoztlan - Reto al Tepozteco - September 7/8 - All-night party celebrating some Aztec god
Dia de la Independencia - September 15/16 - Celebrated throughout the country. In Mexico City, the area around the Zocalo is packed especially for the "Grito."
Autumnal Equinox - Chichen Itza
Merida - Cristo de las Ampollas - Sept 22-Oct 14
Guanajuato - Festival Internacional Cervantino: This is one of Mexico's most famous cultural events, taking place in Guanajuato over three weeks in October. Mostly seems to be theater and performing arts, but I've also heard about Guajuanato's famous "callejoneadas," traditional street parties where you load a barrel of wine onto a burro and roam through the town drinking and singing. In any case, I plan to check it out.
Morelia - Festival Internacional de Morelia
Zapopan (Guadalajara) October 12th pilgrimage to Our Lady of Zapopan
Tonala - Festival de la Tortuga Marina - last weekend of October
San Cristobal de las Casas - Festival Cervantino Borroco - late October - early November
Dia de Muertos - Patzcuaro/Janitzio - Mixquic - Oaxaca
The Dia de los Muertos is one of Mexico's other largest celebrations, and there are events all over the country. One of the most popular is in the village of Patzcuaro and nearby island Janitzio in Michoacan. Janitzio is an island in the center of a lake that fills up with partiers on the night of the Day of the Dead (November 1-2). Meanwhile, in its cemetery you can still find a traditional observance where people spend the entire night at the graves of their relatives. Patzcuaro as well has an all-night celebration in one of its squares, where you'll find a different banda concert in each corner of the square and people dancing and drinking until late at night.
Puerto Escondido - Fiestas de Noviembre
Leon - Festival del Globo - Nov-Dec
Culiacan - Feria Ganadera - mid-November
Sinaloa Festival de los Artes - November-December
Puerto Vallarta - Dia de Santa Cecilia - November 22 / Gourmet Festival - around November 12 to 22
Queretaro - Feria Internacional - first two week of Dec
Mexico City - Our Lady of Guadaloupe - December 12 and days prior. Mexico's biggest pilgrimage, people come from all over Mexico (sometimes on foot) in processions in honor of the Virgin, with many camping out in and around the Basilica. It's in a neighborhood of Mexico City that you otherwise would never want to visit, but other than that, doesn't really offer any special opportunities for game.
Acapulco Fair - mid-Dec - early Jan
There are a number of medium-sized cities where my research didn't really turn up any events of interest. If anyone has any data on those cities, I would certainly welcome it:
Chihuahua Hermosillo Mexicali Cancun Torreon Reynosa Durango Toluca Tuxtla Matamoros Xalapa Nuevo Laredo Villahermosa Tepic Pachuca Campeche Chilpancingo
The TL;DR version is if you're going to Mexico, the main celebrations you need to go to are:
Carnaval - Veracruz
Sabado de Gloria - Jerez
Feria of Aguascalientes
Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato
Dia de Muertos in Patzcuaro / Janitzio
I'm interested in seeing what experiences the rest of you have had.
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2017.11.09 08:35 ElSantos17 On my way overcoming addictive personality

Hello everyone, its been really inspiring and helpful reading all of the experiences shared here this past week.
I've not only decided to quit PMO but at the same time I've also taking a break on weed (at least for a month or until I can grow my own), buzz (until I see there's a real personality change) and clonazepam (hopefully forever).
I used to convince myself that PMO wasn't really that evil, although I recognize the oppresive issues of porn industry towards women. But getting to know all of the experiences shared here at NoFap, has made me conscious of the overall addictive component of PMO and its negative effects on personality and relations.
It hasn't been difficult, as I'm tend to have strong willpower when I make my mind and consciously decide to (it's been 8 years now since I quitted cigarrettes after another 8 years as a smoker) but I do recognize I also present a strong addictive personality overall. I'm pretty sure I can free myself from PMO and buzz now that I have made the decision, because of this "oppresive" side of their respective industries, as it helps me seeing them as means of human domination, especially towards women (yeah, I consider myself what you would call a 'democrat-socialist'). Meaning that I don't have that same motivation with masturbation alone.
So, in the end I think for me it's all about moderating/controlling overall CONSUMPTION (as a whole).

The reason I've decided to step out of "read-only" mode and share my experience is because I had a 'wet dream' this afternoon during a nap, after I stumbled upon some hot girls photos on facebook and was having relapsing thoughts afterwards. (It may sound weird but I was actually kind of controlling "sexy dreams" through dream lucidity but it didn't work out this time. I hope it doesn't affect my NoFap willpower streak from now on).
Sorry for the heavy post. Thank you and long streaks for everyone!
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2017.08.09 03:49 MarchingMustang1121 Please Help me find this out!! [Confusion, Friendship]

Hello people of Reddit, so I'm going to refer to myself as Kaleb (not my real name) and my best friend as Logan (not his real name either.) We're both fairly young, 16. There are various incidents that have occurred over the past year that have sparked interest in my thought processes. I have become gay for my friend, and it is really bothering me.
This all started in the 4th grade when we became friends. I just moved into a new district in the city and I was having trouble leaving my other friends behind. I got on the bus on the first day of school and I saw him sitting by himself. I sat by him and he told me I could come over and hang out. That's where 7 years of friendship started.
The events that lead to my attraction to him started about a year or so ago. I had always been "attracted" to him, but I thought it was just a pubescent stage and I never had problems with girls.
It was Christmas break and I left for México to see family, and that's when we stopped hanging out for a while. It was maybe April when suddenly I got a text from him asking if I wanted to hang out. So I naturally agreed and I went to his house. He was different when I came back though. I would often look over at him while we were watching a movie only to find him looking at me. When we watched a movie I would always sit on the far left side of the 3 person couch and he would lay down, always resting his feet right on my crotch. I would get an erection because his foot was literally rubbing my dick but when I looked at him he was just watching the movie. I liked it, so I let it continue.
We often played cards to pass time and I counted that every single time we played, we would lock eyes for at least 5 seconds, which is longer than it seems, very often. He would then take a deep breath and look away quickly and sort of shy away from the game. That's not the only thing he did though. He also liked playing footsie with me. He would place his feet on top of mine and rub my feet. I found it arousing so I let it continue.
A few weeks ago we had like a weird friendship spree. He asked me if I wanted to make a tent, so I said "sure, why not?" Come time for bed I asked him where my sleeping bag was and he said we were sharing one because he "forgot to bring me one." So we snuggled up real close and fell asleep. I woke up that night to drink some water out of my bottle and I felt his boner touching me. I immediately was like "Shit, what do I do" because he was sound asleep, so I just stayed there. When I woke up he had his leg over me and his face was really close to mine. He woke up and went about his day. We stayed in a tent for a week.
Once his parents said we had to put the tent up, we slept in his basement, and this is where a lot of the stuff happened.
It was like 10:00 p.m. and we were playing video games when all of the sudden he told me he wanted to watch t.v. so I said sure. We laid down on his bed and he called me a "lil bitch" jokingly. One thing led to another and soon I found we were playing"Nipple Pinch tag." I had him in a hold forcing him to surrender and he got one hand loose and pinched my dick and he said "Now you're it" I got a boner and we just kept playing that for about an hour. Then we went skinny dipping in his pool. He got out and flashed a light at me while I was i the water and it was kinda weird but kinda sexy.
I guess here is the whole point of my spiel. He says he is straight, but he hasn't had a girlfriend since 7th grade, we're Juniors in High School now. I know its not that he isn't attractive because he is REALLY handsome! I was there when a girl asked him out and he rejected her cold bloodedly in front of me.
I have though about it some, and I have come to terms with the fact that I am bisexual but that isn't the issue. My issue is that I think maybe I'm just over reacting and he isn't gay/ bi at all. I really need some input from you guys so if you could help that would be great!
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2016.12.25 12:51 Faryshta The monogatari series has messed up my enjoyment of the media in general and the hentai genre in particular

MMMM Tacos

Imagine all your life you have enoyed taco bell and you find it one of your favorite foods. Then one day you visit México and you discover no one in México likes taco bell and we describe it as an abomination (check tacos ). Your abuela takes you to eat with her family and you are served mexican tacos with warm tortillas, fresh guacamole, several spicy sauces (the kind that makes gringos tear up), several slices of meat too choose, and crunchy vegetables. And on top of that when your abuela serves them she makes sure the cheese has just melted.
At first this is new to you and you try only whats the closest to what you already knew which would be Meat tacos with guacamole. Then you slowly start to discover you can make a taco out of any food, you can even soak your tortillas in soup and they absorb the flavor and warmth of your soup. There is an entire taco-universe to explore.
When you go back to your hometown you still like taco bell but now its "not enough". You had a perspective change and what used to be the very best by now its just "fine". You will still eat taco bell when hungry because you hungry but not because its your favorite anymore.

Why is "hentai" on the title?

My previous enjoyment of hentai can be summarized with this webcomic http://www.questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=2960
Basically I Just cared about jiggling tits, well designed and cute lolis and... the lulz factor.
I still enjoy jiggling tits, well designed and cute lolis and the lulz factor as much as I used to do before but now thats is simply not enough.
When you make love with someone you have an actual intimate conexion it doesn't compare with just sex, you feel every fiber of your body belongs to that other person and every fiber of that other person belongs to you, that you are both one and only and that this is the best moment of your life everytime.
Watching a hentai with two characters who only happen to have "in-out" sex is simply not appealing to me anymore. Its even worst when the girl moans like a fool while the guy does literally nothing, it makes me think that no one involved in the production have any sexual experience at all.
Sometimes you can even notice the boredom from the seiyuus since they have to repeat the same line over and over "mc-sama please don't do ".

The new perspective

The monogatari series has actual intimacy on the relationships shown and explored. If two people doesn't have an actual conection its most likely they won't interact on the series, as happens in real life. So scenes like the toothbrush scene are hot because they are intimate even if the only physical contact is koyomi holding the back of his sister's neck. The starry sky scene is the most intimate scene I have found and that makes everything sexy by definition
hitagi kidnapping koyomi sexy as fuck
hitagi sending dorky text messages to koyomi sexy as fuck.
koyomi calling hitagi to talk about water sexiest episode ever
short story about hitagi and koyomi eating cake sexy as fuck
Seriouly, shaft can make a series of koyomi and senjougahara just studying in silence and i will watch the fuck out of it because they are an actual couple in love.
And that doesn't just stop there. Senjougahara and Hanekawa explored each other in body and tastes in a way koyomi never could imagine during neko shiro. Kaiki monogatari ss, kanbaru and koyomi have a huge level of skinfrienship because they know and accept each other good and bads. Hachikuji, shinobu and ononoki are a blast when they are together because they know how to push each other buttons.
Ougi knows every other character in such a deep level that feels like she is raping you when she talks.
So when I watch anything now I expect the characters to have a level of intimacy. Even as enemies they need to know about each other and respect each other at least a bit like senjougahara and kaiki do.

Happy ever after?

For most romances the "love" reaches its peak when they confess or have their first kiss, right when they should start discovering each other and forming and intimate bond. So it literally just show one moment of actual bonding and calls it "romance" back to the taco analogy its like being served an empty tortilla and call it a taco.
Its not even a "fake taco" its just a lazy taco that is not even trying to be a real one.
And what makes it worst is that its like that on purpose. Most people and specialy teenagers don't know what intimacy actually means so an story with a couple working throw their differences and knowing each other is simply too alien to even imagine. Bland main characters are the norm because the viewers project themselves to them. Its imposible to love someone without personality the same its imposible to hold a whitepaper and say you love the poem written there.
And this applies to movies, books and western series too, not just anime.


I am not saying that monogatari has a monopoly on "intimacy". Animes like Death Note show a great relationship or rivalry/friendship/murder between the main characters. Season 1 of Okusama Seitokaicho had slow and consistent exploration of sexuality between the main characters. Currently airing there were two shows which blew me away because each relationship was properly explored 3-gatsu no lion and fune wo amu. Both explore not only the characters relationships with other characters they also explore the relationship they have with their jobs and hobbies.
So even if by now its harder to find anime, movies or books that i can enjoy, i can say that I enjoy and appreciate them more now since I can see now a new perspective which I didn't knew it existed before.
Even on this sub, I think i have meet here the best people and got the best friendships than in ~6 years of reddit because we talk about monogatari but we also talk about ourselves and what we find appealing, how it relates to our lives and most important, we respect each other opinions and perspectives.
Thank you all for this and merry holidays.
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2012.05.15 06:16 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Louis C.K. reddit

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Date: 2012-05-14
Link to submission (Has self-text)
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Questions Answers
I would first like to kiss your ass with generic compliments. Then I would like to ask you a boring question about your work. Is that cool? Totally cool. I would like to respond by thanking you with a friendly exclaimation point! and then I'd like to be really humble and earnest and say I'm just so lucky to have the job.
Hey, I have a better idea. Why don't we both just take a long nap?
I haven't had pizza in a long time. And I'm fatter now.
Hey louie, big fan and all that. I was wondering what you think makes a person tolerable for you? Especially in terms of people you meet and then they immediately say they are a big fan. No one has to be tolerated by me. People are who they are. I can opt in or out. I can participate with them or not, but tolerate is a bit... cunty.
As far as fans on the street. Well, that got kind of difficult this year because it became frequent. it's tricky because I find myself in the strange and indefensible position of being really uncomfortable due to something I am very grateful for. I appreciate every person that approaches me to say something. So I kind of invested some brain and heart space and time into puzzling out how do I deal with this? I lived some moments that i didn't like how I reacted so someone being nice. I can't expect anyone to know why it can be stressful. You sort of wan tto be lost in your own gaze and haze of your life and not be noticed constantly by folks and treated strangely and then stared at. But you sort of want a lot of things in life and you don't get all of them and it's gross to complain that people want to say how much they like your work.
Okay so I puzzled it out and experimented with a few ways to deal with it. I remembered that when it was earlier in my career, when someone would say something like, once or twice day, I really liked it and felt genuine interest in them and gratitude. Why not now? SO I identified one source of discomfort. Taking pictures. Every person on the planet now has a camera. So it sometimes happens that up to 20 people in one day or more want me to pose with them for a picture that they can put on facebook. That's a lot. Also I don't like doing it. It makes me feel weird. When I'm with my kids it takes my attention from them and makes them uncomfortable (and in some cases unsafe) but pretty much 100% of people who approach me want a picture.
Okay so I separated these two experiences out from each other. Standing on a street corner accepting a compliment and shaking a hand. that's one. And taking a picture with a stranger. That's two. I have ZERO problems with the first and LOTS with the second. And i realized that the inevitability of the second made me shy away from the first. So, what I do now is this: I refuse to ever take a picture with anyone. I just say no. I don't do that. BUt I shake their hand and I talk to them for a bit. Because I like that. I can tell this disappoints people for a second but as we talk they feel okay about it. People who just want the picture and don't want to connect get a little pissed off. But that's okay. They can't always have what they want. And I get to say no to a thing I really don't like, especially that is asked of me a lot. And now with that boundary in place, I feel absolutely no inhibition with folks. I am glad to meet everyone that says hi. EVERYONE. I learn a little about a nice person several times a day. And they are kind to me. And it won't last. So it's great.
Do you ever find yourself on reddit now that you discovered it since the previous iama? This is my second time here. I just have to much to do to roam around stuff like this. It seems like a great thing. I just can't do it. I killed my facebook page years ago because time clicking around is just dead time. Your brain isn't resting and it isn't doing. I think people have to get their heads around this thing. All this unmitigated input is hurting folks. My opinion.
Is there a pet peeve you have when it comes to other comedians, such as mannerisms, voice fluctuation, anything of that sort? When comedians talk to an audience member and try to make them look dumb when they aren't. Example Comedian: Where are you from? person: Queens. Comedian: What do you do there? person: I live there. comedian: I mean what is your JOB you fucking asshole??? person: (politely to his seat mate as everyone laughs at him) but I work in manhattan.
What part of a normal, regular day do you enjoy the most? Walking down a street in new york with my kids and it's warm but not hot outside and we already did a lot of stuff and we're just going home now and talking and looking at people and feeling the air and the sun is going down and it's peaceful yet buzzing with life and stories all around us.
Hi there. Thanks for doing the AMA :) Have you run into Ewan McGregor since he told you to put your money where your mouth is? No. We don't do the same kinds of things. Unless he starts killing and stuffing homeless people I'll probably never run into him. I would totally kiss him right on the lips, though. Totally.
Your "black guy" comments directed at Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan at The Comedy Awards created a bit of a stir here on Reddit a few days ago. And here on Reddit you're a demigod - you could cum in somebody's breakfast cereal accompanied with a generous sprinkling of red pubes and it would still be slurped up by half the people here with pics taken and posted soon after. So if Reddit gets riled up I can imagine you get this kind of reaction all the time. Do you just laugh this stuff off or are you ever stressed that you might get a shitstorm like Gilbert Gottfried and Tracey Tracy Morgan have for things they've said? Chris and I call each other White man and black guy. So it was affectionate. When I saw Tracy, it popped in my head to say it again. So I did it. If someone got upset: Oh well. They did that, then.
Are all of your stories true? I understand some embellishments are expected. I'm really wondering about the waitress that had rape fantasies. That one was actually true. She was sexy as hell too. She was cool, smart and sexy and she really said that. We were both in our early twenties then. At that age all bets are off. Everyone is dumb in their twenties. God bless 'em.
What is the most ridiculous thing on this planet? Dogs who don't know that they're dogs.
Does this make you a hockey fan?! Who's your NHL team? I am from Boston so I am a bruins fan but they lost and I got to go to a Rangers Game and I had great seats. So now I'm a rangers fan. From way back. That's how I am with sports. I refuse to stop myself enjoying two teams that hate each other. Also boston is my home town. But new york is my home. and the rangers game was FUCKING GREAT!
Hello Louis. Maybe a hard quesiton but do you feel there is anything you shouldn't joke about? Well I shouldn't joke about your fucking dumb face because if I do then I have to think about it and it's just so awful. I want to forget you forever.
Anyway, not really. Jokes are good.
Please buy shit on my website louisck.com, now that i insulted your fucking stupid face.
Are you wearing a black t-shirt right now? It's dark blue. But I just vomited black blood like the lady in the french novel so now it is black.
Wait, you mean June, right? Yeah june. Jesus. Okay really bye now.
Hey Louis! I truly enjoy the gratuitous amounts of socially unacceptable material in your routine. Is there any subject matter that is out of bounds for Louis CK? Also, other comedians revere you for the amount of material you churn out. What is the source of your creativity? I don't have a source except I keep thinking of things to say, so far. I don't really relate to the idea of "unacceptable". comedy is talking about anything. So... I do that.
What really made you want to go into stand-up instead of a shitty job? I'd love to have a shitty job. I couldn't hold any down. Standup was the only thing I could stick with. I'm an idiot that way. seriously this is the real answer.
Do you use jokes that just pop into your head, or do you sit down and force yourself to actually write jokes onto paper? I can't sit down and write jokes. I just flows in from some maddeningly elusive place. Believe me if i had an alaska in my brain i would drill baby drill and I'd cum right on Sarah's back while I was there.
I can see Russia from my house! Yeah baby. keep looking at russia while I pound your sweet, and wrong-headed pussy.
What do you usually do to get ready for a show? I open my fucking stupid mouth and put water in it.
You handle a surprising amount of work on Louie (which is great, by the way). How challenging is the workload you've taken there, given how busy you are? Any particularly fun moments from Parks and Rec that are worth recounting? I'm very busy all of the time. I've put a lot of thought and effort into trying to manage a lot of tasks and staying sane and staying a good father. I've learned a lot about it. I learned somethign about sharks sleeping their brains in sections, like a rolling blackout. I've applied that to my life in a huge way which is probably not smart because I didn't research it or learn about it in depth. Anyway it works. Shark sleep.
Hey Louie! If you could be offered a guest spot on any show currently on television, what would it be? I would like to be on that show where you jerk off a dog and try to aim his jizz at a sleeping guy's face. what show is that? Oh yeah, 60 Minutes.
Wasn't everyone? Not me. I went from twelve back down to nine and then i became a number that you can't comprehend (the first character of it is a peanut) and then I was seven and then now fourty four.
Would you rather be locked in a trunk with Dane Cook or a basket of rabid badgers? As long as they stay in the basket, I'd go with the badgers. I don't want to be locked in a trunk with Dane because he's a nice guy and I wouldn't want him to have to be in a trunk just because I chose him over some badgers.
Ever think you'll make another appearance on Parks and Rec? Maybe. I'm always too busy. I love those people. And Amy is the best.
Hola Louis, quería preguntar si todavía hablas español, y si vas a regresar a México? Hey Louis, I wanted to know if you still speak Spanish, and are you ever coming back to México? No hablo espanol mucho. (Como puedes hechar una enie?) Mi espanol es muy feo. Voy a ir a Mexico en Julio a ver me abuelita.
I have some really good jokes for stand-up material based from observation but I'm too scared to go to a comedy club because I don't take rejection well. Any advice? How do you know they're really good jokes? They're probably not very good. Not if you've never even tried it once.
Hey Louis. Long time fan. I have began to lose my hair as well. Didn’t really bother me in the beginning as I had a GF, but now I start to take notice to it more and more. How did you come to terms with the fact that one day you will no longer have hair on the top of your head? I remember the day I saw my hair was thinning. I don't remember caring much. I don't care. It's just hair. It never bothered me much. I was pretty young, too. And it happened and is happening veeery slowly. I have a feeling dead people get really mad when we complain about losing hair.
Did you reach out to anyone to guest star in the show that flat out denied? Also as a fellow sweaty dude, I imagine the best part of your post show ritual is peeling off the drenched tshirt? AMIRITE? I got plenty of no thank yous. I am learning though that I am at a point in my career where I get really nice NOs from people. Personally written and nice "No way will i do that" emails.
We do have some great guest stars this year, though. 3 oscar winners, not that that matters (actually 4)
Congrats on the Comedy Awards last week (month). Where did you decide to place them? fireplace, mantle, desk? I have this one shelf that has them all. It looks dumb.
Do you ever let your daughters watch your TV/live shows? They came with me last time I was on Letterman and they stood right behind the backdrop, about eight feet from where I was performing on the ed sullivan theater stage. It was one of the best things ever.
1) What kept you motivated all those years before you hit it big? 2) What do you think was the most important change that you made to your act or in your life that thrust you into the spotlight? Actually most comedians who's success really sticks come to it late in life. It takes a long time to make a really successful comedian and I've known that from the start, truly. I always expected that I'd work in obscurity for a long long time. It's waht it takes and to me it was worth it. I have also alway found new and fun ways to make a living, writing for others, ect.
Hey Louis. You've mentioned dogs several times in your show/stand-up. What pets have you had/currently have? Thanks! I love dogs. I've had two. They both died. I have no pets. My youngest daughter has a fish tank. More fish have died in it than now live in it, kind of like my closet.
As a Kansan - ever consider coming back to the shittiest place around? What was your favorite part of KC?! (Also, you nearly killed my brother and I with the doughnut sideways-asshole joke at the Midland show.) I always have a great time in kansas city. the crowds are great. I also love shitting on kansas city on television. I honestly don't know why.
Can my wife give you and hand job? I dont don't have to be there unless you want me to. No. She better not. let's just not do that, okay? i hope that's okay.
Will you come to Birmingham, AL soon/ever? I'll take you on a date. :) I've been there and I had a great time (lying. It was awful. But not Birmingham's fault.) I'm sure I'll be back. the south is really fun to play on tour.
OMG!!! Hi Louis, fellow mexican here lol. Congratulations on all your success!! My question is, What's your favorite mexican food? Chilaquiles and mole when it's really mole. My Abuelita made a blend of Mexican and Hungarian food that has never been replicated in my life.
Could you do me a favour and do a show in London? That'd be neat! Don't worry, you can crash at my place. I would love to. I used to come to London all the time. But the show schedule and my kids makes for a small window. I think maybe next year.
I just watched one of your standup specials with my mom over the weekend. What is one of the most embarrasing things that you've done with your mom? I was in line with my mom at a store once. two cute teenage girls (i was teenage then so it's okay) were standing behind her talking. One of them accidentally stepped on my mom's heel. She said "Ow!" The girl said "Oh my god. I'm so sorry!" My mom said "Well you really did me in!" and turned her back on them. The girls supressed a giggle behind her back. This whole thing made me love my mother WAY more. I'll never forget it.
One of them girls had a fucking can on her too.
When's the last time you've had a Cinnabon at your destination's airport? I haven't had a single cinnabon since i started doing that bit (and stopped). I only ever eat kale and human flesh.
Do you plan on only doing 5 dollar drm free things nowadays? As long as it stays a good idea. We'll see. It's been really fun to do it and learn about it . Selling tickets to live shows on the site will be next and I'm excited for that too. They won't be 5 bucks, though.
Hey Louis, welcome back. I love your show- i was particularly blown away by the Afghanistan episode. Can you describe what it was like filming there? Were you ever nervous about being in real danger? did you get along with that duck? We shot that episode in Santa Clarita California, which is about 20 minutes drive from a nice cool drink anywhere in Los Angeles. It was only dangerous on the helicopters. I was on one helicopter in the last shot of the whole thing. I wasn't able to belt in before the fucking guy pulled up and started banking way way over on my side. In about ten seconds I was several hundred feet above the earth with my grip on the metal being the one thing keeping me from falling right out of that thing. Goddamn you for making me remember that.
On the previous AMA you told us that you went from a mediocre job to being one of the most successful comedians in the industry today. If you had any advice to give to people today, what would it be? It can be the younger or older generation. What are some things you can tell us that attributed to your success? Well I don't take things personally, I learn from failure and I don't give up.
So back in like '03 i faked diarrhea (have you ever spelled diarrhea, it's fucking impossible) and left highschool to go smoke some pot and play grand theft auto. You had a routine that was on comedy central that made me a lifelong fan (you may have even had some more hairs). Any idea which one it could have been? You faked diarrhea? You faked it? I really need to know what went into doing that. You're saying it's hard to spell it when you faked it?
Will you be doing anymore singing in season 3 like you did to The Who? I don't think I've ever laughed so hard, and related so much to a television scene. No. I thought about doing Benny and the Jets but fuck it.
Hey Lou, long time listener, first time caller. I love your stand up and your show, in that order. I hope you make it to milwaukee sometime soon, you are one of the only comedians I am dying to see live. Also, any plans of doing another 5 dollar stand up? I love milwaukee. I am coming there on my fall tour which will be on sale on my website.
In fact, thanks for asking, I already have two new 5$ products on my website Link to www.louisck.co Live at Carnegie Hall and an audio version of Shameless. Aids.
Do you keep a journal? Where do you store your ideas an when/how often do they come? I wish I could. i have a lot of journals with one page half written in.
I sometimes will write myself a quick email on my bb when I think of something.
Is the material on WORD brand new? Has it been featured on your show or anywhere else. A lot of it was on my series in small pieces. i explain that on the site.
Why did you ask Donald Rumsfeld if he was a Lizard? Yes I wanted to know whether or not he was one. Also I wanted to promote a show I was doing in atlantic city. I sold every ticket and bought a very beautiful car with the proceeds. and he sold lots of books. So yay!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you plan to stay in the spotlight? I'm only concerned with where my kids will be in 5 years. Hopefully I won't impede their progress.
I have been a huge supporter since Shameless and I shamelessly tell everyone about your intelligent humor. 1) I have been desperately trying to build up the courage to do stand up professionally...is it too late to start at 29? 2) How do/did you learn to deal with the amount of rejection that comes with the profession? 3) When do you feel our society will be ready for you to take them even further with taboo jokes like your comments on boyhood sexuality? 4) I'm on vacation in NY right now and saw Colin Quinn at the comedy cellar last night. Is he on a lot of drugs? 5) Would you fuck my face? Wood eye?!?!
Do you have a favourite stand up or special that you've done? If you have, which one is it, and what made it great? I can't really watch any of them. Ii'm not the one who's supposed to be watching them.
Love your work! My question is: What is the craziest thing to happen to you in your career? I met with an executive from FOX many years ago. She was going on and on about how perfect it would be for me to do a show there based on my act and how big a fan she was. About an hour into the meeting she said "I love when you talk about your family from Queens!" And I realized she thought I was Gerry Red Wilson, a comedian who has since passed away.
You ever wanted to buy all the plane tickets for a certain flight and fill the seats with people who you've instructed to shit their pants mid-flight, causing the crew to have to waft in shit stench for hours? No. My favorite people on any airplane are the people working on it. I would like them to shit directly into your eyes, though.
Who came up with the concept for the teaser trailer? I thought it was perfect. A woman named Stephanie Gibbons does all the promos for the show. She is amazing and talented. I do nothing. I show up and let a news paper hit me or i sit on a bench for 5 minutes and I'm done.
This is gonna be a weird question.... I'm always telling your jokes to my girlfriend and all she ever say is "Aww, Louis is so cute! I wonder if his daughters have red hair". I mean, everytime. And I was always like "I guess so". Yea, she really love red hair. So, err.... I don't want to sound like a pedo or anything. But for her, are they red haired? One of them does. The other one has wood coming out of her scalp.
Huge fan, Louis, which I'm sure a lot of people are. What's the biggest thing you've learned about comedy from creating your own show from scratch and watching it grow? How fun it is and that I can do it better if I keep doing it.
Hey Louis! This really seems to be your year for Comedy! How did it really feel to have Robin Williams give you a shout out at the comedy awards? Robin is a great guy.
Don't worry, everyone will find your comments, your name has a BLUE background. Hey fuck you. YOUR name has a blue background!! Oh... sorry. thanks.
Knock Knock. Death to America.
Can you describe the moment when you checked your Paypal and saw that Live at the Beacon Theater had made a million dollars. It was strange. I kept looking at all the different zeros hoping one of them would explain what was going on. It was fun. It was... dirty.
I just wanted to know what you REALLY think of the Comedy Central comedy awards. Last year you hated it. This year, as you kept winning you just grew more and more weary. It's just not normal to go in front of people and accept an award. What is that??? how does a human do that? It's weird. so the repetition got strange for me. I am very appreciative though It was just the moments themselves that built to be surreal.
If you responded to this and told me to go fuck myself I'd die happy. If you think you have that much control over the tone and feeling during your death, then you are one arrogant cunt.
He means she had a big ass. It wasn't big. it was.... good.
I just want to say that I enjoy your spread out e-mails. The fact that you don't proofread them is awesome since, let's be honest, fuck proofreading. Fuck proofreading. Okay. Let's do it. Let's fuck that bitch.
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