Aish speed dating

Buddha dating site photographer it turned out started by way of aish hatorah,. Missoula speed dating: accepting a handful of aish hatorah, jobs, is going out started by simply because hispanic men and every one the nfl superstar. However, western wall camera, originally to lions. Philadelphia - tao of rabbi yaaco deyo from the profile engine ... Business speed dating has also been used in China as a way for business people to meet each other and to decide if they have similar business objectives and synergies. [citation needed] Speed dating offers participating investors and companies an opportunity to have focused private meetings with targeted groups in a compact time frame. Many speed dating events get targeted speed particular communities: for example, LGBT people, polyamorists , [1] Christians. Some feel that speed dating has some obvious advantages over most other venues for meeting people, such as bars, discotheques , etc. Rabbi Nachum Braverman of Aish Los Angeles has a great definition of marriage. Two people committed to: 1. Each other’s welfare, good and pleasure and 2. Common life goals. When a couple is first dating and it is exciting and electric, the first part of this definition is a breeze as they share lots of intense good times together. Speed dating began in the 1990s when a Rabbi with the Aish HaTorah Institute in Los Angeles developed the idea of allowing people to meet for quick snippets and then, if two people expressed interested in following up, encouraging them to continue exploring the relationship. Speed Date Philadelphia™ introduces single professionals to each other at fun and exciting speed dating events and singles parties in Philadelphia. Our events take place in restaurants, lounges and other upscale venues. We always make sure there is a balanced ratio of men and women at our events. Speed Dating! Are you a busy professional? Are you tired of wasting an entire evening after knowing in the first 5 minutes that you are not compatible with your date? That's why speed dating was invented. The origins if Speed Dating are credited to Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah, originally as a way to help Jewish singles meet and marry. How to Deal with Severe Anxiety while Dating. by Gabriella Avery. My journey to getting married was riddled with uncertainty and severe anxiety. Here are some practical suggestions for those struggling with intense doubt and fear while dating. Business speed dating has also been used in China as a way for business people to meet each other and to decide if they have similar business objectives and synergies.Factdate=July 2008 Speed dating offers participating investors and companies an outstanding opportunity to have focused private meetings with targeted groups in a compact time frame. Dating is the evaluation period to determine whether you want a relationship. Don't date to relate. Date to evaluate! ... He received his rabbinic degree from Aish HaTorah in 1996. He is a founder of SpeedDating and Jewish Impact Films, and is presently the Managing Director for the Jewish Enrichment Center in Manhattan.

2019 AFL Free Agency and Trade Period Tracker

2019.10.04 00:32 dazedjosh 2019 AFL Free Agency and Trade Period Tracker

As per last year, trades and signings won't be put on here until there is an article to link the signing/trade to. That way the tracker is nice and neat and not covered in links to various twitter feeds.
Below are the key dates
Friday, 4 October Restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period starts
Monday, 7 October 9am Trade Period starts
Thursday, 10 October 5pm Close of restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period
Sunday, 13 October AFL restricted free agency matching offer three day period ends
Wednesday, 16 October 7.30pm (tbc) Trade Period Closes (for exchange of players)

ADELAIDE William Frampton, 37, 45, 49, 2020 2nd Round WB, 2020 4th Round GCS, 2020 4th Round CAR, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Eddie Betts, Sam Jacobs, Hugh Greenwood, Alex Keath, Josh Jenkins, 2020 3rd Round ADE
BRISBANE Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Grant Birchall, Callum Ah Chee, 48, 52, 72, 2020 3rd Round ESS Lewis Taylor, Tom Cutler, 46, 91, 2020 2nd Round BRI, 2020 4th Round BRI
CARLTON Eddie Betts, Marc Pittonet, 57, 70 Andrew Phillips, 48, 72 2020 4th Round CAR
COLLINGWOOD Darcy Cameron, 62, 2020 2nd Round STK, 2020 4th Round STK James Aish, 56, 69, 2020 3rd Round COL
ESSENDON Andrew Phillips, Tom Cutler, 33, 61, 64 37, 52, 70, 2020 3rd Round ESS
FREMANTLE Blake Acres, James Aish, 10, 22, 58, 69, 79, 2020 2nd Round MEL, 2020 3rd Round COL Bradley Hill, Ed Langdon, 26, 2020 3rd Round FRE, 2020 4th Round FRE
GEELONG Jack Steven, Josh Jenkins, 14, 24, 2020 1st Round WCE, 2020 3rd Round GCS Zac Smith, Tim Kelly, 57, 2020 3rd Round GEE
GOLD COAST Brandon Ellis, Hugh Greenwood, Zac Smith, 2020 2nd Round BRI, 2020 4th Round BRI Callum Ah Chee, 2020 3rd Round GCS, 2020 4th Round GCS,
GWS Sam Jacobs, 6, 40, 59, 2020 3rd Round NM Aiden Bonar, Adam Tomlinson, Jonathon Patton, 12, 18, 2020 4th Round GWS
HAWTHORN Sam Frost, Jonathon Patton, 42, 54, 63 Grant Birchall, Marc Pittonet, 50, 2020 2nd Round HAW
MELBOURNE Adam Tomlinson, Ed Langdon, 8, 2020 2nd Round HAW, 2020 4th Round FRE Sam Frost, 22, 42, 61, 79, 2020 1st Round MEL, 2020 2nd Round MEL, 2020 4th Round MEL
NORTH MELBOURNE Aiden Bonar, 26, 50, 2020 1st Round MEL, 2020 4th Round MEL 8, 2020 3rd Round NM
PORT ADELAIDE 12, 18, 2020 3rd Round STK, 2020 4th Round GWS William Frampton, Paddy Ryder, Dougal Howard, 10
RICHMOND 39, 56 Brandon Ellis, Dan Butler
ST KILDA Bradley Hill, Paddy Ryder, Dougal Howard, Zak Jones, Dan Butler, 51, 2020 4th Round MEL, 2020 4th Round SYD Jack Steven, Blake Acres, Josh Bruce, 6, 56, 59, 2020 2nd Round STK, 2020 4th Round STK
SYDNEY Lewis Taylor, 32, 56, 2020 3rd Round FRE Darcy Cameron, Zak Jones, 54, 62, 63, 2020 4th Round SYD
WEST COAST Tim Kelly, 46, 91 2020 3rd Round GEE 14, 24, 33, 64, 2020 1st Round WCE
WESTERN BULLDOGS Josh Bruce, Alex Keath, 2020 3rd Round ADE 32, 45, 51, 2020 2nd Round WB


Brandon Ellis - Pick 39 compensation Gold Coast
Cam Ellis-Yolmen - Pick 49 compensation Brisbane
Adam Tomlinson - Pick 40 compensation Melbourne
Grant Birchall - no compensation Brisbane


West Coast Tim Kelly, 52, 2020 3rd Round GEE 14, 24, 33, 2020 1st Round WCE
Geelong 14, 24, 37, 2020 1st Round WCE Tim Kelly, 57, 2020 3rd Round GEE
Essendon 33, 57 37, 52
GWS 6, 59 12, 18
St Kilda 12, 18 6, 59
Hawthorn Sam Frost, 42, 61, 2020 4th Round MEL 50, 2020 2nd Round HAW
Melbourne 50, 2020 2nd Round HAW Sam Frost, 42, 61, 2020 4th Round MEL
Fremantle 22, 79, 2020 2nd Round MEL Ed Langdon, 26, 2020 4th Round FRE
Melbourne Ed Langdon, 26, 2020 4th Round FRE 22, 79, 2020 2nd Round MEL
West Coast 46, 91 52, 64
Brisbane 52, 64 46, 91
Carlton Eddie Betts 2020 4th Round CAR
Adelaide 2020 4th Round CAR Eddie Betts
Hawthorn Jonathon Patton 2020 4th Round MEL
GWS 2020 4th Round MEL Jonathon Patton
Melbourne 8 26, 50, 2020 1st Round MEL
North Melbourne 26, 50, 2020 1st Round MEL 8
GWS Sam Jacobs 2020 4th Round GWS
Adelaide 2020 4th Round GWS Sam Jacobs
Port Adelaide 2020 4th Round GWS William Frampton
Adelaide William Frampton 2020 4th Round GWS
Port Adelaide 12, 18, 2020 3rd Round STK Paddy Ryder, Dougal Howard, 10, 2020 4th Round MEL
St Kilda Paddy Ryder, Dougal Howard, 10, 2020 4th Round MEL 12, 18, 2020 3rd Round STK
Adelaide 2020 3rd Round GCS, 2020 4th Round GCS Hugh Greenwood
Gold Coast Hugh Greenwood 2020 3rd Round GCS, 2020 4th Round GCS
Sydney 56 Darcy Cameron, 62
Collingwood Darcy Cameron, 62 56
Carlton 54, 63 48
Sydney 48 54, 63
Geelong 58 Zac Smith
Gold Coast Zac Smith 58
Brisbane 48 Lewis Taylor
Sydney Lewis Taylor 48
St Kilda 58 Jack Steven
Geelong Jack Steven 58
Gold Coast 2020 2nd Round BRI, 2020 4th Round BRI Callum Ah Chee
Brisbane Callum Ah Chee 2020 2nd Round BRI, 2020 4th Round BRI
St Kilda Bradley Hill, 2020 3rd Round FRE Blake Acres, 10, 58, 2020 2nd Round STK, 2020 4th Round STK
Fremantle Blake Acres, 10, 58, 2020 2nd Round STK, 2020 4th Round STK Bradley Hill, 2020 3rd Round FRE
Carlton Marc Pittonet, 61 54, 63
Hawthorn 54, 63 Marc Pittonet, 61
Essendon Andrew Phillips, 61, 72 57, 70
Carlton 57, 70 Andrew Phillips, 61, 72
Western Bulldogs Josh Bruce 32, 51
St Kilda 32, 51 Josh Bruce
Western Bulldogs Alex Keath, 2020 3rd Round ADE 45, 2020 2nd Round WB
Adelaide 45, 2020 2nd Round WB Alex Keath, 2020 3rd Round ADE
Brisbane 72, 2020 3rd Round ESS Tom Cutler, 64
Essendon Tom Cutler, 64 72, 2020 3rd Round ESS
Sydney 32, 2020 3rd Round FRE Zak Jones, 2020 4th Round SYD
St Kilda Zak Jones, 2020 4th Round SYD 32, 2020 3rd Round FRE
Geelong Josh Jenkins, 2020 3rd Round GCS 37
Adelaide 37 Josh Jenkins, 2020 3rd Round GCS
Richmond 56 Dan Butler
St Kilda Dan Butler 56
North Melbourne Aiden Bonar, 2020 4th Round MEL 2020 3rd Round NM
GWS 2020 3rd Round NM Aiden Bonar, 2020 4th Round MEL
Fremantle James Aish, 69, 2020 3rd Round COL 2020 2nd Round STK, 2020 4th Round STK
Collingwood 2020 2nd Round STK, 2020 4th Round STK James Aish, 69, 2020 3rd Round COL


Adelaide Brisbane Carlton Collingwood
Richard Douglas (del) Paul Hunter (del) Andy Otten (ret) Luke Hodge (ret) Tom Bugg (ret) Alex Fasolo (ret) Jarrod Garlett (del) Pat Kerr (del) Kym LeBois (del) Matthew Lobbe (del) Jarrod Pickett (del) Angus Schumacher (del) Dale Thomas (ret) Tyson Goldsack (ret) Sam Murray (del) Daniel Wells (ret)
Essendon Fremantle Geelong Gold Coast
Mark Baguley (ret) Matt Dea (ret) Jordan Houlahan (del) Luke Lavender (ret) Ben McNiece (del) David Myers (ret) Hayden Ballantyne (del) Harley Bennell (del) Scott Jones (del) Shane Kersten (del) Ryan Nyhuis (del) Aaron Sandilands (ret) Jordan Cunico (del) Jamaine Jones (del) Scott Selwood (del) Jack Leslie (del) Connor Nutting (del) Michael Rischitelli (ret) Brad Scheer (del) Tom Nicholls (ret)
GWS Hawthorn Melbourne North Melbourne
Brett Deledio (ret) Dawson Simpson (ret) Jarryd Roughead (ret) Jeff Garlett (del) Declan Keilty (del) Jordan Lewis (ret) Corey Maynard (ret) Tim Smith (ret) Guy Walker (ret) Nathan Hrovat (del) Red Og Murphy (ret) Scott Thompson (ret) Declan Watson (del) Tom Wilkinson (del) Sam Wright (ret)
Port Adelaide Richmond St Kilda Sydney
Cam Hewett (del) Kai Pudney (del) Jack Trengove (del), Matthew Broadbent (del), Aidyn Johnson (del) Shaun Grigg (ret) Mav Weller (ret) David Armitage (del) Billy Longer (del) Lewis Pierce (del) Sam Rowe (del) Heath Grundy (ret) Kieren Jack (ret) Jarrad McVeigh (ret) James Rose (del) Nick Smith (ret) Durak Tucker (del)
West Coast Western Bulldogs
Patrick Bines (del) Chris Masten (del) Fraser McInnes (del) Brodie Riach (del) Tom Boyd (ret) Dale Morris (ret) Liam Picken (ret)
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2017.12.11 07:17 jakeroxs1995 Warburton Lad - Training report - Monday 11th of December 2017

Training report 11th December – By: Warburton Lad
A new day dawns and I'm excited to be heading down from the Yarra Valley to see the Collingwood boys strut their stuff. At least this week, the rains have eased and the trains from the nominal capital city of Melbourne's outer east (Lilydale) are up and running once more. The sun shines gloriously as it formally announces its return to its rightful place in Melbourne's summer sky.
I never cease to be amazed at the loyalty and diversity of those who support our club and the lengths they go to express their love for the Black and White. As I arrive I come across two of the faithful who tell me they have followed the Pies since the 1950's. For this writer, men like these are the heart and soul of Collingwood fans. The older man, replete with a greying goatie , a light 3/4 coat and a face that belies his 72 years recounts with a pride that is patently obvious that he has been present at the MCG for each of Collingwood's last four Premierships.
A little further around near where the players emerge from the rooms, I find Lorraine. She has been here since 8-15 this morning awaiting the chance to meet and greet her heroes. Such dedication. All the players and staff seem to know and care for Lorraine who is as passionate a Pies fan as I have ever met. She seems to have a special relationship with Josh Thomas who exhibits his politeness and human decency by engaging her in a short conversation as he is the first player out of the rooms at 9-10am. Moments like these reinforce the critical importance of sporting clubs in society by allowing individuals the opportunity to make connections with others.
The smell of the freshly-clipped oval is only surpassed by the Raspberry and chocolate Oreo muffin and steaming hot chocolate that passes for breakfast this early December morn. There is only the barest of a zephyr wafting across the turf and a solitary Willy Wagtail is the only sign of movement on the pristine sward. At the first sign of human activity, it too takes flight, winging its way over the statue commemorating the fallen Ron Clarke being helped to his feet by John Landy adjacent Olympic Boulevard.
The players again are 'up' for a torrid session. It is a joy to relate that they are very eager to get down to work. Even the warm-ups, which one may expect to be fairly relaxed, see the players working very hard on their non-preferred foot or hand disposal. Langdon, whose dedication to his craft is extremely impressive, continues to elevate the quality of his disposals. His vocal support of others is always noteworthy and a credit to his 'team-first' mantra. This young man has 'future-leader' written over him in letters writ-large.
Absent from action today: Elliott (ankle), Fasolo (shoulder) Pendlebury, Buckley, Tyler Brown, Mihocek, Sidebottom, Adams, Howe,
Today, I'm focussing on the new players, younger players and those on the periphery of our senior list. Sam McLarty continues to impress this writer- at 197cms and 91kgs, there is lots to like about him. He trains diligently and listens intently to advice from both peers and coaches. What appeals most is his willingness for body contact- there is no reluctance from McLarty when the match sim turns competitive and he uses his growing frame to impact balls in dispute.
Isaac Quaynor, Appleby and Murphy are the first 'new' players on the track and they engage in friendly banter with Reid and Crisp who look in very fine fettle. So wonderful to see Reid without a millimetre of strapping on any part of his imposing physique. For his part, the torso of Jack Crisp is looking more and more like a Salvador Dali work of art with each passing week.
There is much to like about Appleby. Although a right footer, he is very competent on the left shoe and the way he courageously attacks contests this morning has more than a hint of the Carlton great Kenny Hunter about him. Quaynor is very strong overhead and, like Appleby, displays no hesitancy off either flank in disposal by foot.
Also present today is Will Kelly, Craig Kelly's son. Wow. He is a big unit, quicker over the ground than his father and a penetrating kick. Later in the session, he will be pitted against Moore who beats him, comfortably, but there is much to like about 'Cement-head's' son. Can't wait till he is taken as a father-son!!
Brayden Sier is another stripling with hopefully a long career ahead of him. One can see even at this early stage of pre-season that his body is in far better condition for the AFL. This is a credit to Sier. He did not ask to be the youngest player in his draft year. He did not ask for the poor run of injuries that restricted his progress to date. He is, however, the heir to a number made famous by some wonderful Magpie players of years gone by: Rene Kink, Saverio Rocca and Swanny and this writer hopes he achieves the potential that our recruiters identified in him several years back!
Our other Brayden, of the Maynard variety, continues to grow, develop and shine on the track. He seems to have latched on to Pendlebury as a role-model. The younger man can often be seen pushing himself through drills, working exceptionally hard to get the best out of himself. He completes every activity at pace and his tackling continues to improve. Teammates must dread lining up against Maynard as his uncompromising approach is applied to every aspect of his craft. There are no easy kicks on this lad. Importantly, he is also continuing to develop his skills of hand and foot. His kicks scythe through the central corridor and are now hitting a much higher percentage of leading targets. As reported in previous weeks, he, like others, is also working assiduously on his non-preferred. I am convinced that Maynard will be seen in an on ball role in 2018.
Hoskin-Elliott appears poised for a very big season. His work ethic at training has been outstanding and he has clearly been working hard on the endurance. His repeat efforts have been highly commendable. One can expect that he and Sidebottom will cover both wings; each man showing the running power required for this taxing position in twenty-first century football. With 74 games under his belt and coming off a season where he produced career-high figures in disposals, marks, tackles and inside 50's, expectations are high. Hopefully, where there's a Will, there's a way.
I've not reported much on Nick Daicos recently but today I can share that he is doing phenomenally well this pre-season. No second-year blues to see here. Because of the surname, many Collingwood fans were anxious to see the number 26 play more in 2017, but, in retrospect, I believe he was managed very well. The query over leg speed appears to have been addressed and he now has developed his endurance so that he can impact on contests back-to-back. Well done Daics. And man, his skills are absolutely sublime.
Watching the new players is like watching Year 10 Media students working on their first film project. They have a developing sense of what they want to achieve; they have a high level of enthusiasm but their results are somewhat hit-and-miss. They are capable of producing 'short-stories' of considerable quality in relation to their potential but still have much to do to reach their creative zenith.
In contrast, the master, Pendlebury, is the real deal. He is the Steven Spielberg of our current list. He is looking at the same people, obstacles and conditions as the other players but appears to see a multiplicity of potential outcomes and, seemingly, always chooses the optimum scenario to play out. Here's hoping that the 2018 season sees our skipper produce and direct his finest masterpiece yet.
Once again, I encounter two more 'true believers'. Brothers Sean and Brendan (not their real names) are familiar faces from a few years back. We have an animated chat around what we are watching unfold before our eyes. The younger brother Sean is anxious as he watches a player fumble in front of him. I reassure him that this is not uncommon for new players to take a while to settle in to the tempo expected. Sean confides in me that he was shopping at Chadstone yesterday when he ran into Tommy Langdon at the shopping megalopolis. Strangely, at this point, he produces a premiership medallion from his pocket with the words 'Trollop Shield ' engraved on it. As a non-cricket fan, this means absolutely nothing to me, but Sean eagerly shares that he is an elite batsman who has "... climbed the mountain twice as a player and drunk nectar from the premiership cup!!".
In contrast, there is no sign of hubris from his older brother. Brendan proudly wears his Metropolitan Fire Brigade tee shirt but shares little of the life and property saving work that he regularly does in the community. At first glance, Brendan could be mistaken for 1990's Magpie, forever Norwood rover, Stephen Patterson. His observations reveal an acute knowledge of the game. He shares his belief that Mason Cox will be a regular fixture and, with what the big man shows on the track this morning, it's hard to disagree with my feisty, firey friend. Cox seems to be far more adept at body-contact than he was in 2017. In this respect, Rocca's work in showing how to position the body in a contest is invaluable.
Simple folk such as these two brothers show the broad church of individuals that share our unbridled passion for the Black and Whites. May God bless them always.
As per previous weeks, the variety of drills is just that- varied. These players are well-drilled in what is required and there is a pleasing mix of contested- ball, skills under pressure, match-sim and running against the clock and endurance work. Every coach is out there advising, cajoling, supervising and this is all done under the watchful eye of head coach (for the day) Harvey. Occasionally, Banga will take a player aside for a chat (today sees Wells, Mayne, Phillips and Kirby amongst others engage briefly and amicably with the dual Brownlow Medallist.
Aish has both shoulders strapped, but is moving without impediment; The Ox, Goldy and Sier are in a small rehab group as training begins bang on 9-30.
Today, Treloar practises pushing-off at ball up scenarios whilst roving to Mason Cox whose palmistry is a thing to behold. In this art, he is instructed by Buddha Hocking who urges him to be aggressive and use his pace to burst clear of the stoppages. Lynch relieves Cox and there is little diminution in the quality of service to the brilliant number seven. The quality of Treloar's capacity to work off an aggressive opponent, gather cleanly and dispose of the ball with precision has 'Chas. Brownlow Medal' written all over it.
By just after ten, there are seven distinct groups in operation. Smith versus Dunn and Aish versus Broomhead makes for interesting watching. It takes all of Dunn's guile to prevent Smith from slicing him up but Smith seems to be relishing his opportunity to train as a forward and continually pushes Dunn to his defensive limits. Murphy is out bodied by Langdon but beats him on the lead several times.
In a leading drill where McLarty and Phillips must defend against Quaynor and Crocker, McLarty is given high praise and encouragement by coaches and peers for his intuitive defence of space and ability to close of leading patterns of his opponents.
Meanwhile, Callum Brown, Wells and De Goey are pushed through a punishing drill where they must move speedily through cones whilst gathering, and disposing, of the football. They show their class and resilience by completing this drill with barely a skill error. As reported a fortnight ago, Wells is a long way ahead of where he was at the same stage twelve months ago.
Goldy and Sier, now joined by Grundy, continue to do endurance work around the perimeter. This soulless task enables the players to run out games in the business end of the season and their application to task is admirable.
Moore is pitted against several opponents at the Rod Laver end of the oval and either in the air, or when the ball hits the ground, he is unstoppable. He has returned to this preseason in A Grade condition and seems determined to become the elite player we have craved for. At times like this, one wishes that Peter Moore had produced as many sons as he has Brownlows...!
After one of many breaks for hydration, the players must run from fifty metre line to the next fifty metre line to give and receive two handballs. This is truly gut-busting work and the ability to both cover the ground is crucial.
Around the outer perimeter of the oval, players must work from end to end, this time kicking. Sam Murray and Murphy each stand out for their running speed and endurance whilst Crocker, Callum Brown and Daicos hit targets at will. The groups interchange, and the more senior players are forced to kick on the non-preferred. Crisp, (considerable improvement) and Langdon are the standouts here.
Kirby appears somewhat trimmer than even a month ago; perhaps he has been on the Kale? His disposal is a treat and he can be seen pushing his body to the limit in drills.
By 10-45, Reid, Oxley, Maynard and Hoskin Elliott are walking a slow lap. They engage in friendly, good-natured banter with Hocking who appears to have introduced that vital component of any successful club or organisation, (humour), to the sessions. Rest assured our players are working very hard, but there is also an apparent joy in what they are doing. As St Thomas Aquinas once wrote, "Joy is the noblest human act". Never in all his immense body of work was the portly Italian theologian more correct.
The capacity of footballers to make space and lead to vacant areas of the ground has never been better. With no clear key power forward as such, it would appear that the 2018 Magpies will rely upon quick and incisive ball movement to creat scoring opportunities. In a drill under the shadow of the AAMI Park bubble, Kirby is imperious as he finds space with ease.
Having worked at a torrid pace, Josh Thomas is first off the track at 11-00 joined shortly thereafter by Kirby who has trained diligently. Quaynor is a running beast with an unquenchable desire to be at the front of any, and all, running activities. In a similar vein, Treloar, Appleby and Crisp are never without a ball in hand. The latter man's skills by foot improving by the session.
Match-sim is brutal today. Players contest all over the reduced oval size, and when each scenario is played out, Hocking and the others urge those competing to 'change-gears' and get themselves back into the centre of the ground post-haste.
In the absence of Grundy, who is running lap after lap with Lynch in tow, Cox dominates the big man battles, but McLarty is not disgraced. De Goey leaves the track but there is no apparent discomfort in his gait.
By 11-35, the team have been at it for over two hours and whilst they have absconded to the other side of the oval, there is no let-up in the intensity. Scharenberg, Cox, Crocker, Smith and Daicos leave the track but Broomhead, Dunn, Mayne, Varcoe, Blair, Crisp, Hoskin- Elliott and others and continue to work hard on a drill that involves continuous running and shooting on goal. This is truly fatiguing, but the conversion rate is very high. This is followed by more kicking on the run- the remaining players on the track (seven of them) being pushed to their collective and individual limits. By now, there are seventeen staff on the oval, two and a half per player!! The players are now teamed against each other in a game of competitive handball keepings off. The ball zips around like a pinball and whilst tackling is Luke warm, the speed of the drill is intense.
I recently had the good fortune to meet the sister of former 1970's Collingwood player John Dellamarta. She is a nun in a Catholic religious order in Melbourne's inner-north. Watching Sam Murray burst of half back flank at high speed during a drill reminds me of her brother, the flaxen-haired number 33 of four decades ago. Murray exudes great enthusiasm and he, Murphy and Tyler Brown train with an energy that is infectious within the group.
Training concludes around midday. An outstanding session of AFL preseason to be sure. We have much to look forward to in 2018.
And so I begin the journey back home. Once again I encounter the septuagenarian Magpie fans I had met earlier. Although they resemble Stadler and Waldorf from The Muppets, they are far from grumpy old men. We chat and compare notes before the younger of the two declares to his older friend, "C'mon mate. It's past time that we were off to The Royal. It's your hook (shout), bud". A smile covers my face as I make my way to the Richmond Station; my morning's experiences reinforcing a long-held view that the diversity of our supporters is one of the most enchanting and attractive features of barracking for Collingwood.
Floreat Pica, my friends. - @coastpie
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2015.08.18 07:08 sin411 List Changes

List changes.
Bellchambers - 1 more season, gone next year if he doesn't perform, gives us space for the draft. Maybe worth something to another club, doubt it.
Chapman - Retires or delisted.
Watson - gives up Captaincy.
Stanton - Trade him while we can, get some currency for him, who could use him? Maybe richmond, defensive minded midfielder seems like they could use him. 2 years otherwise.
Winderlich - Retire, thanks for your service, sorry.
Nobby - Two years, has played 12 games for the seniors needs more game time to improve, can find the ball looks for a target before disposing of the ball, more time at the top level should improve him. Going at 71% disposal efficiency as an inside mid, not bad, same as Heppel.
Zaharakis - Is on notice needs to find the next level next year.
Cooney - Is on notice, likely gone after next season anyway.
Dempsey - Gone, traded or Delisted.
Pears - 1 year with a clause for games played for an extra year.
Melksham - Has played over 100 games, has had half a good season to date, do we show some faith, see if he has some trade value? 1 year if no takers on the trade table.
Browne - Time to give up? Kid can't catch a break, Delist.
Kavanagh - He's had enough time to show his wares, trade table, 1 year unless we need list space, then he goes.
Ambrose - Trade or delist, not worth the spot he takes up.
Dalgleish - Needs to come in for the rest of the season so we can see what he,s got at afl level, he kicked what would have been Goal of the year in the pre season, if not for it being pre season :( He needs to be given a chance, delist.
Kommer - 1 year.
Hams - What is he supposed to be? Is he trying to fit into the Howlett mold? Small mid that tackles a lot? Hasn't got enough meat on his bones, injury prone....sorry, time to go. Delist.
Howlett - Trys hard, deserves to play in a successful club, maybe someone is interested, can be used to sweeten a deal somewhere else, doubt anyone would use a pick on him, Trade or delist.
Fletcher - Retires, thanks for your service, Coach the backline please?
Mckernan - Upgade.
Mckenna - 1 more year on the rookie list, with an eye to upgrade mid season.
Aylett - Delist.
Steinberg - Trade or 1 more year, the signs are there.
By my count, that's potentially 11-14 spots opening up on the list.
Now lets talk about what i think the club needs, SPEED SPEED SPEED, and a ruck man preferably a youngish ruck man, another key forward.
We can go to the draft and try to secure the key forward, and potentially another kew back. Because of the projected depth of next years draft im thinking it will be a good draft to invest in.
What can we get from other clubs?
Stefan Martin, would be a good target, thought i hear rumours he wanted out of Brisbane, what can we offer them? Steinberg + Ashby maybe a swap of picks?
Harris Andrews, 200 cm ruck/forward out of the Brisbane lions academy, might be worth a punt?
Zac Clarke, could get him for peanuts(hopefully), a preseason with Lloyd teaching how not to be a softcock could really break the game open for him.
Zac Smith, has fallen out favour at the gold coast, not sure how highly they rate him, another ruck man we could potentially get for peanuts.
Daniel Gorringe, Former #10 pick stuck behind Zac smith and Tom Nichols for the ruck duties at Gold coast, was All Australian after being one of the best in the 2010 Championships. More peanuts i guess?
Toby Nankervis, could be tempted to come for more senior chances.
Will Minson and Leuenberger are options but both are a bit old for my tastes. (Lets not even bring up Kreuzer)
Everywhere else.
Chris Yarran, i don't think we need anymore disasters, I think Yarran is a disaster waiting to happen.
Treloar, Not sure we have the cash to lure him to us, so that's not happening.
Dixon, Would be nice, but i don't think we need more injury problems.
Dangerfield, would be REALLY nice but im not sure we would be his first or even 6th choice lol, but seeing the season he is having, we would be mad not to throw the piggy bank at him.
Motlop, has SPEED, another player we should be looking at, Geelong is going to be in need of a some more defenders with their ageing list, Carlisle trade?!?! Steinberg and a swap of picks?
Harley Bennel, Well worth the risk, but im not sure we have the currency that gold coast would want for him.
Aaron Hall, is another player we should be trying to get, reports are he wants a new contract with gold coast, but maybe he'd be willing to move down to Melbourne?
James Aish, I'd love to get him, would slot into the team nicely.
Henderson, Because why not? Let him choose where he want's to play, then let him grow into the spot, forward or back, he'd fit in im sure.
Is it possible that Brandon Jack would be willing to move for more senior opportunities? Probably not...
Players to watch for next year or the year after.....
Dillon Viojo-Rainbow (Skittles) From Carlton, being in a rebuild though, they would be loathe to let him go...
Michael Apeness, From Freo, the go home factor could bring him back to Vic, would like more senior opportunities, wouldn't mind being in the drivers seat for his services.
Jarrod Garlett, From Gold Coast Has speed and the ability to break lines, has been compared to Cyril Rioli.
Touk Miller, From the gold coast, Worth a look at the very least.
Mason Shaw, From Port Adelaide listed as similar to Justin Westhoff, Listed height as 200cm, forward who can work up the ground.
James Rose and Daniel Robinson from Sydney, both similar sized MidfieldeForwards.
Liam Duggan from West Coast has burst onto the scene, the go home factor could work in our favour here as well, but i think Geelong could be in the box seat for his services... should make inquiries, often.
Last but no least, we should be constantly talking to the Bonts manager. Every. Day.
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